Sony DigitalMaster PHDVM-63DM Mini DV Tape Review

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The highest quality tape from Sony is the DigitalMaster PHDVM-63DM, the tape that does justice to professional projects. DigitalMaster is designed for HVD, DVCAM or Mini-DV camcorders with recordings shown in DVCAM or Mini-DV format. It’s at the forefront of quality tapes with its two, instead of one, active magnetic layers, the only tape of this kind in the industry with such a feature. As such, it has 90% less glitch-inducing errors and 50% less dropouts than consumer DV tapes. It has more protection compared to other consumer DV tapes with an added 30% in protective Diamond-Like Carbon coating (DLC coating). It can record 63 minutes worth of footage.

The Sony DigitalMaster PHDVM-63DM currently has a very high rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 stars which is unbelievably high. There are many great things being said about this Minidv Tapes and here is a few things people have said about it: Click here to read more.

The DigitalMaster PHDVM-63DM Mini DV Tape sets a high industry benchmark with it value added features that make a huge difference when shooting under poor lighting or in the harshest work conditions. The added protective coating and magnetic layers enable you to capture better video audio and video quality and preserve the tape for long periods of time even in the harshest environment.

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The protective coating adds to the tape’s resistance and durability against dust, temperature and humidity. The extra magnetic layer makes improves video quality and significantly decreases dropouts. These features are put in to improve your shoots so as to avoid disastrous takes and re-shoots. In dimmer lighting, the DigitalMaster’s quality stands out compared to consumer DV tapes as you can see more details in the video.

The audio quality is enhanced by the 2b carrier-to-noise ratio that amounts to about 90% less errors and cutting in half the percentage of dropouts compared to DV tapes. You get better quality sounds that have more noticeable clarity and distinctiveness from surrounding noise.

Sony DigitalMaster PHDVM-63DM Mini DV Tape Features

  • 90% Fewer Glitch-Inducing Errors compared to consumer DV tape
  • The Only Pro Tape With Not One But Two Active Magnetic Layers
  • 30% more protective Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coating
  • Improves Carrier-to-Noise Ratio by 2 db for 90% fewer errors
  • Better temperature/humidity variations resistance
  • long-term archival storage
  • 50% fewer dropouts than consumer DV tape
  • Model Number: PHDVM-63DM

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The dimensional tolerances are double to those of DV tapes. This translates to more compatibility from machine-to-machine transfers ensuring that the quality in the tape is maintained and not compromised during any transfer. No other tape can do a better job at preserving audio video quality during transfers and keeping the video quality’s integrity.

The Sony DigitalMaster Mini DV Tape has an anti-static cassette lid that protects the tape from dust and dirt. The album case is professional grade and secures tightly, able to resist being accidentally opened when dropped or when being carried in an equipment bag with other stuff. Consumer DV cases do not have the similar locking features that prevent the tapes from being exposed to damage from shipping and rough handling.

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The Sony DigitalMaster saves hours of reshooting and secures your work during travel and long after during storage even in the harshest of conditions. Get crisp clear videos and enhanced sounds that will last for years and years. Use only DigitalMaster for the best results in professional projects or for capturing your most precious moments with loved ones such as special occasions, rare events, family and children’s videos. If you also head over to Amazon they have a huge number of reviews from other satisfied customers so you can be even more sure about this great Minidv Tapes. Click here to read more reviews.

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