Sony 5DVM-63HD MiniDV HD Video Cassette Review

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We are always fascinated with movies. Whether we watch it on Television or on the Big Screen, we always tend to appreciate how it was created and how film makers try so hard to make it look larger than life and real. On the other hand, fascination does not only end up from being appreciative, some wanted to dig in to the technical aspect of film making. This is one reason why film schools were established – to provide the needs of hungry artists and establish a good industry through films. But, film making is not for everybody.  However, there is an alternative (or say first step) towards achieving and creating great captures. For amateurs, all they need are sprinkles of talent, a nice camcorder and a great Video Cassette like the Sony 5DVM-63HD MiniDV HD Video Cassette.

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Sony, the Japanese multi-billion company created this unique cassette to cater to the need of enthusiasts who wanted to create videos with high definition (HD) quality.  Sony 5DVM-63HD MiniDV HD Tape is designed to support 720p (progressive) and 1080i (interlaced) High Definition Video playback and recording. In case we are not aware, 720p and 1080i are formats for High Definition Television and it is the highest form of digital television. It also carries sixty three minutes (63) recording time of 1080i videos. It also features 3 decibel (dB) higher carrier-to-noise ratio for great output with less intervening sounds. And the best part of this cassette is its high definition video recording quality. Customers who purchased the Sony 5DVM-63HD MiniDV HD Video Cassette are well pleased with the results.

Sony 5DVM-63HD HD MiniDV Tape Features

  • 1080i or 720p HDV recording and playback.
  • 63 minutes recording time of 1080i video.
  • 3dB higher carrier-to-noise ratio.
  • Greater output and less noise during recording.
  • High Definition Video Recording

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WORKS WELL WITH STANDARD DEFINITION AND HIGH DEFINITION CAMCORDERS – Customers who wanted to purchase great quality video cassettes are sometimes hesitant and picky when looking for the right brand since some of the video cassettes are not suitable for their camcorders. But with this product, you are definitely sure that it will work as it is designed to create high quality videos whether you are using an SD or HD camcorder. And it does not even skip frames!

SUPERB VIDEOS and AUDIO – Sony 5DVM-63HD HD MiniDV Tapes would definitely produce great videos since it is designed for High Definition captures. And it also features superb audio experience to support the High Definition “feel”. Majority of the customers commend this product for having such wonderful feature.

QUALITY – Sony 5DVM-63HD Mini DV HD Video Cassette is designed to stand against the demanding change of temperature. Even if you are shooting at the extremely hot desert or in the most humid forests, you are sure that the cassette will never get wasted.

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